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We, ACAT of CP6, provide various forms of services to our partners that are based on autonomous-driving sensor technology. 

With the partnerships formed by CP6 and cooperated companions, ACAT is continuously developing the products to provide safer autonomous driving environment-based services. 

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ACAT Driver ver.


ACAT Insurance ver.


ACAT Investigation ver.


ACAT Privacy Protection ver.

for Drivers.

With ACAT data-collection technologies, drivers can now certify the autonomous driving status of their cars when an accident occurs, despite that their cars are under Level 2 and driven with ADAS mode on. For additional information: 

- Data can be utilized to demand lower insurance premiums in cases where autonomous driving demonstrates high success rates in a driver-operated road environment. 

- The autonomous driving sensor data can be used to predict maintenance and diagnostic timing for ADAS and other systems in order to prevent upcoming accidents. 

- It is possible to submit data according to MMUCC standards when accidents happen in autonomous driving modes using ADAS and other autonomous sensors.  

- Provides DSSAD data more easily and quickly for autonomous vehicles over Level 3. 

Relevant Product: ACAT Driver Ver. 


ACAT for Insurance Companies

It is possible to aid insurance companies in improving their loss ratios by calculating car insurance premiums based on the functionality of autonomous driving sensors, rather than solely on factors like driving distance.  Here are some examples: 

- Provides data which the insurance company requires regarding their policyholder,
such as their regions, age groups, etc. 

- Collection of data on regional information, such as unsuitable road environments
for implementing autonomous driving functionalities. 

- Collection of data on autonomous driving malfunctions due to the features like road environments. 

- Collection of data on driver’s behaviors during the autonomous driving,
uch as whether he/she intervened or not while driving in autonomous mode.

Relevant Product: ACAT Insurance Ver.


ACAT for Investigative Agencies

For investigative agencies, leveraging autonomous driving sensor data for accident reconstruction and vehicle analysis, especially in cases like fatal accidents, enables quicker and more efficient forensics of autonomous vehicles. 

Furthermore, it processes advanced forensics of the vehicle’s GPS as well. 

Relevant Product: ACAT Investigative Ver. 


ACAT for Privacy Protection

Shared vehicle service providers, such as car rental companies, must securely delete previous users' phone pairing information, Bluetooth call records, destination details, etc, to comply with the obligation of safeguarding the privacy of prior users. 

This process can be undertaken in a much quicker and efficient way
with ACAT Privacy Protection Ver. 

Relevant Product: ACAT Privacy Protection Ver. 


Get in Touch

If you would like to see data from an autonomous vehicle you own, please contact us.

ACAT will show you the data you want.

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