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Stay with ACAT.
Quick and easy.
블랙 스포츠 카

ACAT is a quick and easy way to check the

self-driving capabilities of your vehicle.

You can check functions of your vehicle to ensure its safety.

Saves your time and money in the event of an accident. 

Stay with ACAT.

​Quick and Easy

You can quickly and easily verify autonomous features that make your driving easier, such as Automated Driving System (ADS), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS), are working properly.

ACAT makes this possible.

Specialized epuipment

ACAT allows you to acquire and analyze data from your vehicle’s Automated Driving Systems (ADS), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS) without specialized equipment like the Bosch CDR DLC kit.

Just install the ACAT App and connect it to your car.

(Currently, you need to purchase a dedicated dongle

at a reasonable price.)

User friendly,
but professional

ACAT can be utilized by owners of autonomous vehicles, police investigating traffic accidents, and

insurance company accident investigators.

ACAT provides fast and accurate analysis of the information specified in the Model Minimum Uniform Crash Reporting Criteria (MMUCC) set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.)


You can create a crash report or

check the contents by yourself.


ACAT Product Line

ACAT is being developed for a wide range of applications.

Find out which ACAT family is right for you.

(Some features may be available in the future.)​



Team CP6 consists of experts to investigate and analyze autonomous mobility accidents.

CP6 investigates accidents of various self-driving environments. Starting from self-driving cars,
unmanned ships, UAM and UTM using autonomous aviation functions to smart construction machines.

We are developing technologies to provide solutions that can be easily and quickly utilized by insurance companies or investigative agencies, as well as normal users.

Get in Touch

If you would like to see data from an autonomous vehicle you own, please contact us.

ACAT will show you the data you want.

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